After graduating from Laurentian University in 2008 with Bachelor of Science & Liberal Science degrees, Andrew Hanna attended the University of Toronto to obtain his BSc in pharmacy. After various post-graduate placements ranging geographically from Kitchener to Winnipeg, Andrew was able to obtain the practical knowledge and experience that would prepare him for more complex ventures in Pharmacology.


Andrew relocated to Cornwall, Ontario in 2013 when a formidable employment opportunity presented itself in the form of “Pharmacy Manager “at Walmart Canada. Although relatively new to the industry, Andrew’s passion and genuine adoration for his craft made him an ideal candidate for the position. Andrew continued in this role for approximately two-years, during which time he gained valuable perspective that would eventually become the benchmark for his future pharmaceutical endeavours.

After reaching a professional ceiling two-years into his management role, Andrew decided it was time to move on. Maintaining his “think outside the box” disposition, Andrew took an active interest in creating solutions for patients with complicated pharmaceutical needs. Complexity and precision became the cornerstone of his business plan. Andrew’s continued desire to produce the most innovative solutions for patients soon solidified his decision to go into business for himself as a certified compounding pharmacist. After a profound amount of research and careful consideration, Andrew made the inaugural commercial real estate investment at the Cotton Mill District and opened the Cotton Mill Pharmacy. This collection of data was instrumental in shaping his vision for the pharmacy and led to numerous specialty offerings. These specialties include: patient education, pain management therapies and pharmaceutical compounding. 

Certified Pain Educator

As a certified pain educator, Andrew specializes in providing complex patient education and creating individualized pain management therapies. Many of these medications are offered in the form of compounded medications. Compounding is the art of merging science and chemistry with the role of a traditional pharmacist to create personalized medications for patients. All compounded medications are fabricated in a sterile and controlled pharmaceutical lab in specified concentrations. Medicinal ingredients are mixed together to provide the exact strength and dosage required by the patient in a form that best suits their needs. Compounded medications come in many different configurations, including: lollipops, lozenges or gummy bears for patients that are unable to swallow capsules or pills. Various flavours are offered to appeal to even the most particular patients. Custom suppositories can also be compounded for patients that are unable to stomach oral suspensions to ensure rapid and targeted absorption of required medications.

Andrew is a bright and passionate pharmacist with an unparalleled enthusiasm for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community alike. After only two short years in business, Andrew has established what the medical community has been long overdue for. He has bridged the gap between Patients and Doctors, provided affordable and quality pharmaceutical care and continues to maintain a personal and supportive relationship with each and every one of his patients.


Voluntary credentials play a very important role in clinical pharmacy specialties to ensure proficiency in caring for patients with complex pharmacotherapy needs. Andrew has a thorough understanding and appreciation of this concept and has completed various continued education courses enabling him to become a certified pain educator, specializing in pain management. The Cotton Mill Pharmacy routinely cares for individuals with both chronic and acute pathologies. Andrew works closely with physicians and patients across the country to explore the specific needs of an individual and provides the most effective treatment available.