Andrew Hanna

BSc.Phm, RPh, UIIP

Meet The Founder of Cotton Mill Pharmacy, Inc.

Andrew Hanna is a bright and passionate pharmacist with an unparalleled enthusiasm for both the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community alike. After only two short years in business, Andrew has established what the medical community has been long overdue for. He has bridged the gap between Patients and Doctors, provided affordable and quality pharmaceutical care and continues to maintain a personal and supportive relationship with each and every one of his patients.

Recent Press Features

A pharmacist is often in close proximity to one’s home, just a few miles away in a community establishment and likely someone whom you see or talk to consistently, a trustworthy, reliable health care professional available to answer your questions.

Your pharmacy can address certain concerns, prescribe medication, and offer suitable treatment methods, but there are times when greater assistance is needed to properly address symptoms or ailments.

Andrew Hanna, a practicing pharmacist from Ontario, explains the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his profession. Since the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the disease has come to dominate world medical care.